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“I got my Devon ,Momo from Sasha Merlin. He is the best. He was very shy at first but didn’t take long until he is best buddy with our Golden Retriever. She sent us several pictures from breeder while waiting for him to be with us. Even after, I have contacted her with question regarding care for him, and she always got back to me promptly and followed up as well. Momo is very healthy at vet check and you can tell he was very well loved before he came to us”

-Panda G

“We just adopted our baby two weeks ago. The vet said she is super healthy! Juniper has already become a huge part of our family! She is the sweetest cat ever! Sasha is patient and kind and truly loves her cats, and most importantly Sasha is honest!.”
— Jacquline B

“We received our OSH a few weeks ago. The whole process was super simple. We adore our girl and will come back for another.”
— Rochelle O

“Thank you Sasha for helping us find our newest fur family member. We love him!!”
— Robin S

“Got both of my sweet boys from Sasha! She’s super communicative throughout the whole process and very kind. Our boys have the nicest personalities and are both in perfect health!”
— Victoria L

“Hands down best decision- she is amazing with keeping you in the loop , sending pictures and videos while you wait for your beautiful new kitty to join your family. I don’t know what’s given to the kittens to make them so damn cute and snuggly but I can 100% guarantee you’ll be nothing but satisfied. Do it!!!!!!”
— Aaron H

“Love my Abyssinian boy. He’s such a happy cat. You can tell he was well loved before we got him. He has also been to our vet and has a clean bill of health.”
— Lindsay M

Testimonials: Testimonials
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